Friday, February 5, 2010

Brown vs. Brown

The other morning an o-ring on our washer broke and Edmund and Garth were trying to fix it at the kitchen table. I thought this was a funny image and speaks to how easily they work together. Going into business with family can potentially be full of issues, and I often have people give me warning advice when I tell them that we bought a farm with my husband's brother and wife. "I would probably kill my sisters", the lady at the bank told us earlier this week. She looked from one brother to the next with disbelief. If the last month of living and working together is any indication, I think we will be okay!



  1. Working together is great. Except now I'm extremely curious as to exactly what they are doing and how they are fixing an o-ring with a drill ! ? :)

  2. It was actually a horseshoe shaped spacer that fit around the driveshaft of the washer drain pump. The old one tore and we were attempting to fabricate a new one out of rubber gasket of similar internal and external diameters. I had to drill out the internal diameter a little bit to make it sit comfortably around the driveshaft. Unfortunately the rubber of the gasket was not capable of bearing the load placed on it and the pump still refused to work. The ultimate outcome was I had to purchase a whole new drain assembly (housing, pump, etc) for nearly $100 just to replace the stupid little 50 cent piece of rubber that ripped. The frustration of trying to replace that small piece of rubber and running into intransigence from Whirlpool soured me on their products. I now think avoiding Whirlpool washers is a good idea if you have even the slightest inkling of DIY wherewithal.