Saturday, May 29, 2010

Burning Star

I knew the printed news industry had been under intense stress lately with the accessibility of so many other news sources. I also gathered that the West Winfield Star (the local paper in our township) had lost a number of readers. Many people complained at the town meeting about not getting the important announcements that were published in the Star because they did not subscribe. "No one gets that newspaper anymore!" was roughly what I heard at the "Stop Re-Val" town meeting a few months ago. But at around 5:45 this morning we watched as the Star took yet another blow- their delivery man's car caught fire on our property. Garth and Edmund ran up to see what was going on and luckily Edmund told Garth to bring the camera. Thankfully, the driver managed to get himself, the daily papers and his small canine companion out of the vehicle before it went up in flames. The cows watched the commotion from just beyond the barn. I hope they realize how unusual an event this was.


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