Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Borg is Born

On the morning of June 19th, we awoke to find a new member to our herd! We named our new bull calf Borg as a nod to the 18th century philosopher and theologian, Swedenborg. Every dairy farmer hopes for a heifer (female) calf which would become a future milker, so we were a little disappointed with a bull calf, but it was exciting to have a new addition regardless. Borg's mother, Juno, has been very protective of him, and will paw at the ground in warning if she feels we are getting too close. If anyone has seen the high-spirited energy of puppies, they will recognize the same playfulness in a baby cow.
Here is a picture of Juno and Borg. These black cows in a dark barn have been hard to photograph, but I think this image captures them adequately.



  1. Borg is a cutie and so is Juno! What will Brog's fate be?

  2. I will always think of Borg as short for Alphaborg, in honor of the fact that he was the first calf born on your farm!