Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Broken News?

We have been so busy here-dawn until dusk, and then a little more for good measure. That is all well and good but it means that the latest breaking news on the farm doesn't get to you until it is, broken? House broken? At any rate, here are some highlights.

Silo, your days here are numbered. That's right folks! Someone wants our silo. Not only are they going to come and take it down, concrete stave by concrete stave, they are going to pay us for the privilege. We couldn't be happier. The man taking it down will most likely sell it to someone who wants a silo. That person will theoretically get a good deal. The guy removing it for us will make a little money selling it. The silo will be repurposed and we won't be living its shadow.

Wild strawberries. You heard it from my full mouth. Edmund and Normandy went picking wild strawberries and black raspberries that have cultivated themselves in secret on our farm. They are so delicate.

I am not sure that wild strawberries ought follow silo removal in order of importance, but I guess it's a testament to how broken this news is. There is still more to tell but I have to sleep before tomorrow starts.


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