Friday, August 6, 2010

So long, Silo!

Today the silo was taken down by Martin's Silo. Though iconic in many ways, we have viewed it as an eye sore at worst, and useless at best. Silos are used to make silage, a fermented grain used to feed animals in the winter. We do not plan on feeding our cows silage. Creative uses were briefly considered: use the cement blocks as part of the future cheese cave, or root cellar, run water down the walls in the winter and create the first "indoor ice climbing" in Central NY, make it into a Rapunzel-like tower for guest to stay in when they come to visit. In the end, we decided to take cash money for the thing. Yes, that's right! Martin's Silo actually paid us to take it away since they have someone they are going to turn around and sell it to. It's great to know that what we do not need or want is going to be used by someone else.

Below are some photos taken throughout the day. The workmen set up yesterday and took the domed top down, and today the rest came down at an amazing rate. Also, I threw in some cow pictures just for fun.

- Normandy


  1. Never knew - thanks for sharing this.


  2. Great pictures. I bet the area around the barn really seems different without the silo's presence.