Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I found this visual haiku among the collection of photos I have of the farm. It gave me pause because when I took this photo months ago it felt like a striking condensation of the state of the place. We are approaching the one year anniversary of having purchased the farm and it is amazing to contrast what it feels like to be here now. It is cause for hope and gratitude. I also trust this is only the beginning.



  1. What is the exact one year anniversary date? Sometime in early October, right? That's so exciting! It's been quite a year!

  2. uhhh...by Apexabo I mean me, Chelsea.

  3. Alanna, This really struck a chord with me...I feel really inspired by it. I guess in my life there are so many things that look crappy right now, and I am trying to learn that dispite all apperances, they can and will change, the more quickly so if I believe the Lord can change them and I dont enter more deeply into unneccessary disorder or dispair but see the beautiful vision at the end and believe in it.

  4. Janine- is it possible for you to make a collection of objects that represent the issue and photograph it for yourself? We just found all of these objects in a garden bed near the door to the house that we were cleaning out so it was easy to just take a photo of them. I just thought it might give you some space to visually catalogue a representation of what you are feeling now and then give you something concrete to reflect upon later.

    Chels- I think the actual date is October 24th or thereabouts... it all happened in stages so there isn't really one day that it was all done. It's coming up though...