Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cheap Excuse

It's a wonder you've stumbled upon this, given the recent drought in authorship. The photo above should explain everything. We've been building a house out of cob (a natural building technique using clay, sand and straw, and hundreds of man hours). This is what our south wall looks like up close before the plaster goes on. With a project like this on our hands we can barely manage to hold our attention anywhere else for long. That said, the farm has not fallen entirely out of our view, as it has yours. Edmund and Garth, with the help of their dad, Lach, have kept the pasture as clean as it's been since we bought it. They have mowed everywhere the cows have grazed. This means that next year we may have the smallest burdock, goldenrod, and thistle crop we've ever had. Edmund and Garth do not enjoy mowing, but until we have a larger herd of cows, a flock of sheep and a few hundred geese, we will need to clip back the main offenders to give the grass a chance to establish itself where the weeds once grew. If we can finish building the house this year, there's a standing chance we'll spend more time moving animals next year than we will equipment. Where would you put your money?

- Alanna

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