Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beef for sale

Soon, August 3rd to be precise, we will have our 100% grass-fed and finished beef for sale.  Our cattle live outside year-round and they eat only pasture plants and hay, never high energy supplements like grain or beans.  Every day during the grazing season (April-mid December in our area) they get a fresh patch of grass to eat and bed on.  During the winter they escape the cold wind by snugging up to the tree line and we supply hay.  

We're proud of our animals and our production methods.  Raising animals the way we do provides them with the space to fulfill their instinctive drives, minimizes the fear they experience during their lives, and as an added bonus it improves the fertility of our soils.  When we get to provide our hard-won meat to our customers it is gratifying to feel like we've engaged in a win-win-win exchange.  Our customers get clean healthy food, we get enough money to encourage us to keep at it, and our land creeps into greater productivity and fertility.

Perhaps most important of all, the flavor of meat raised on pasture is unbeatable.  


Ground Beef/Stew Meat   7.00/lb
    15#                             6.25/lb
    50#                             5.50/lb
Chuck (pot) Roast            7.00/lb
Loin Steaks                    14.00/lb
Filet Mignon                    20.00/lb
Rib                                 14.00/lb
Shanks                           5.00/lb (significant amount of bone)
Sirloin Steaks                  12.00/lb
Round Steaks/Roasts       10.00/lb
Flank Steaks                   10.00/lb
Tongue                            3.00/lb (fantastic lunch meat cold cut, but takes a little work to prepare, ask me how)
Liver                                2.00/lb (these are mature animals, strong liver flavor, dogs love it though)
Heart                               5.00/lb
Suet                                1.00/lb (good for cooking and bird food)
Soup Bones                      0.50/lb

If anyone has questions we're happy to answer them.  We have a few go-to recipes for cheaper cuts if needed too... Shanks are one of my favorite cuts for example, just ask... is the best place to  direct orders and questions.


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