Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April is a three-season month

There is a good-looking greenhouse on Rt 22 near our farm called Sweeney's. I pass it every time I drive to Cooperstown. Two weeks ago when the weather was in the 60's, I stopped in, wanting to buy flower and herb starts for our front gardens. Ever since the snow melted off, I have been itching to plant something. I found the owner watering tiny dalias in a humid greenhouse at the back of the property. He sent me away with a wave. "It's too early. It still might snow, you know! Write down what you want, and I'll put it aside for you, but do yourself a favor, and don't plant anything until Memorial Day."

I left disappointed. It seemed unfair that the noxious weeds I watch springing vigorously from the garden beds can tolerate cold just fine, but anything I want to plant is at risk!

Today, the words of the greenhouse man proved a fair warming. Here is a picture of the snow shower we got. The thin, white sheet we have covering our soil blocks now seems dangerously skimpy.

Maybe next week I'll do some planting....


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  1. Memorial Day seems a long way away when you have the planting itch.