Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sowing Seeds

Where we are the night still brings frost with it, and so we had to assemble a few things before seeding the soil blocks we just made. We went with this bizarre product called 'Agribon'. It is some conglomeration of poly-blah blah blah. It is meant to protect things down to a temperature of 26 degrees and will let in 70% of the available light. It catches the wind extremely well, which Garth and I found out when we tried setting it up during yesterday's gusty afternoon, but now that it is tied down it does protect our little seedlings from the windy world. It also traps burdock seeds extremely well (who or what doesn't, really?). Maybe we will get inspired and by a mile of this stuff. We will hold onto either end and just sweep our land free of that burly scourge. Maybe not.
Here is Normandy sowing sweet peas, calendula, basil, dill and sunflower seeds this afternoon.


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