Thursday, April 5, 2012

End In Store

This is the end of the road. I unearthed our last storage carrots from their dank waiting place in the basement. The beets are crying out to be released from this earthly shell. Many of the hundreds of storage onions we still have are pointing green fingers at the sky.

Garth has been attacking every perennial winter weed in the garden with a tool he recently found in the hops barn. It's like a one and a half inch wide knife crossed with a trowel that has one serrated edge on the left. It's entirely useful. I've been digging beds. The wind licks at my waist, scurrying up and under the bottom of my jacket.

It's too cold to plant anything now. Garth planted a variety of things during a week of fair weather that have all been killed or stopped dead in their tracks. We wait, and watch and make progress where we can.


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