Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Calf of the Year

The first calf to drop this season is here! Garth and I were returning from a trip yesterday. We pulled up the road to the farm and from a distance we could see a small black spot moving in and around the feet of our cows. It must have happened within the hour of our arrival because she (I say this lightly because we haven't made entirely sure it's a girl yet) was still wet when we walked up the hill. Garth says this the farthest ranging calf we've had. She bounds all over the pasture, worrying her mother who is confined within the portable fence. Datura groans with anxiety while her calf frolics and hides in the grass. It's nice that human children can't do this to their mothers.

I feel very happy about how easily Kerry cows calve. This is the 6th born on our farm and we haven't had one issue to speak of. It is one of the great benefits of raising a lower yielding heritage breed. I'll take it.

- Alanna

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