Wednesday, January 5, 2011


There hasn't been a whole lot going on at the farm since it got really and truly cold at the start of December. We've been enjoying plenty of time at the table plotting out our garden for next year, pouring over seed catalogs and tracking down sources for our COF (otherwise known as "complete organic fertilizer").

Here is one project I've spent a little time doing and will undertake more of this winter. We have a piece of land that used to be pasture a long time ago, and want to convert back into grazing land. In order to get there I have to cut down a bunch of scrubby trees and bushes. Here is a photo that shows me chipping the branches I cut for chip mulch on the big garden paths and for weed suppression around the bases of our apple trees.



  1. Ed - I'm glad to see that you're dyeing that mulch black, as nature intended.

  2. It is mildly ironic that the chips are flying into an old much dye tank, eh? I should have pointed that out in the post, but your unfailing attention to detail and inspiring wit have saved me the disgrace of letting it slip past.

  3. I understand the Christmas tree fell victim to this activity as well

  4. Yes, it was so satisfying to watch the tree turn from shrub to tiny pile in seconds...