Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter bias

Last week I brought my camera along for my daily walk outside. It strikes me that a photograph is the perfect way to capture winter up here. Inherent in a photograph is the bias of the photographer: how an image is framed, cropped, and pointed. Similarly, I find my attitude does much to frame these upstate NY winters. They are at once beautiful, austere, sparkling experiences as well as miserable, chilling, and embittering. One thing is for sure: our cows have not seemed bothered by the cold and snow. It is amazing that their coats insulate them so well, the snow builds up on their backs.

Sometimes I think that winter is just a four month lesson on appreciating the color gray. The pictures above perfectly illustrate that.



  1. Good eye for these photos. Can't wait to take my camera out for a spin up there when I get there. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Normandy I love the last picture of the trunk of the tree with the door to the house in the background. Kinda Wyeth-like. Love the pictures.