Monday, January 24, 2011

When it's 20 below....

It was 20 below last night. Normandy went to start some wash this morning and the pipes had frozen to the laundry room. After 5 hours with the stove cranking and our thermostat set all the way to 55 degrees (I know, it was extravagant) all the ice had thawed and no pipes had burst. I went out to feed the chickens after lunch and peering into their nesting boxes I thought a wayward hen had savaged the eggs. A closer look revealed that each had split down the long side. They had frozen and burst, all but one of them. I propped the carton in the egg mobile and checked their water. Behind me a hen jumped up onto the dozen and knocked it from its perch throwing all of the eggs into the air. That one viable egg of the day went the way of the rest.


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  1. Funny about pipes freezing in laundry rooms. Ours did in a rustic house in Chester County, when I was 8 mos. pregnant with #3 and Chris was overseas. We'd only moved in a few weeks before, temp. down in single digits. Long Christmas shopping trip, extremely poopy diaper, uh-oh - no water pressure, oh, look water spraying all over the laundry room, wake up Chris in Israel, eventually find a plumber myself...!! Fun days.